What is Camp Nostalgia?

It’s a camp for adults. 

We channeled everything awesome about the summer camps of our youth, and recreated it for you, and added some Pacific NW flair to create the coolest camp ever! Epic dance party, arts & crafts, gourmet camp food (seriously, we have private chefs), nature walks featuring river views and waterfalls, the pool, campfires, s’mores and field day, all these things are happening. Oh, we can't forget the booze... 

When is Camp Nostalgia?

Camp Nostalgia: June 3-5, 2016

What can I expect to get from Camp Nostalgia?

You can expect to sleep in a bunk, make some amazing new friends, play all day, eat, drink and party it up at night at our dance party or around the campfire. No responsibilities just a fun camp with friends. 

Who can attend Camp Nostalgia?

Any adult age 21 and over.  One and all welcome.

Can I bring my significant other?

Sure! Camp Nostalgia is coed, however our standard cabins are not. So, in keeping with the summer camp spirit, boys and girls are in separate bunks, but feel free to make out in the woods. 

Still not convinced? Reserve a whole cabin for your group and we will allow co-habitation. You can email us directly at campnostalgia@gmail.com with questions about arrange a full cabin rental for your part.  A discount does apply when you book a private cabin.

What if I’m coming alone and nervous about not knowing anyone?

Please don't be! We are huge on creating a fun inclusive environment. You’ll have tons of time to meet new people and hangout with your bunk mates. You can also get some pre-camp introductions out of the way on the Camp Nostalgia Facebook page. Still not sold, you can always hang out at Blue Wing lodge and watch all the activity unfold while you read and play board games with the camp staff...they have a really hard life;)

Where is Camp, is this taking place at an actual summer camp? 

Yes, it's a real camp. We use the amazing facilities of Camp Namanu in Sandy, Oregon. Sandy, OR is an easy scenic 45 minute drive away from Portland, OR.

Is there wifi or cell service?

There is limited wifi available in the camp. However, camp has solid 4G cell service for Sprint and Verizon carriers, so if you feel the need you can stay connected.

What if I don’t drink?

No problem! Water, juice, soda, coffee, and chai (because I don't drink coffee) will be provided!

How can I purchase tickets and how much do they cost?

You can get tickets HERE!  All packages include your pass into camp+t-shirt and swag bag, activities, six meals+snacks, booze (beer, hard cider, Bloody Mary bar and spiked hot beverages), non-alcoholic beverages, an epic dance party, and awesome memories.

Deluxe Cabin $199 or Rustic Cabin $179

What do I need to bring?

Check out the general packing list here! You’ll also get a detailed camp supply list closer to camp.

Why Oregon?

The Pacific NW is amazing! Besides, why go farther when we have the perfect camp paradise in our backyard?

I’m a company looking to sponsor or get involved with this event, how can I do that?

Email us directly, campnostalgia@gmail.com